Can we turn ON encryption in Transmission?

Gilles Gravier gilles at
Wed Jan 21 14:09:06 UTC 2009

Hi, Edgars!

Edgars Šmits wrote:
> I know we can set it to "ignore unencrypted peers", but I just noticed
> that I have many locked peers while downloading and the message says
> that they are ignoring me because I'm not encrypted. Does Transmission
> 1.34 that came with Intrepid have an enable encryption setting?
> I've looked through various Ubuntu sites and other places on the web,
> no where is this spelled out. If it can't be done, can anyone point me
> to an altenative bittorrent client (other than Azureus) that does
> support this?
Don't look at Ubuntu sites... look at Transmission site. The
Transmission manual on line states :

"Transmission encrypts the connections it makes with other peers when
necessary, using the RC4 cipher. The implementation is compatible with
other clients such as Azureus and µTorrent. It is always enabled,
however you can set Transmission (Preferences >> Options) to only accept
encrypted peers.

Note that selecting this option may make Transmission unconnectable in
some swarms. The encryption feature does not mean your session is secure
or anonymous, it is merely a way to avoid the traffic shaping measures
some ISPs have implemented."

This is from this page :

So... encryption is always on... it will always accept and try to use
encryption.The setting you have is to FORBID non encrypted peers... but
maybe the site you talk to is running an older non standard client that
doesn't do RC4 crypto.


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