Getting dvd to play

H.S. hs.samix at
Mon Jan 12 03:26:48 UTC 2009

Rashkae wrote:

> 2.  When you try to play the dvd that doesn't work, use the 'dmesg'
> command in a console, and look over the most recent messages for I/O
> errors.  It's possible the dvd in question has a damaged area, or that
> your DVD drive is simply not able to reliably read this disc.

If the OP can read other discs without any problems, then this might be
the issue. Recently I was watching a movie DVD on my Debian machine and
suddenly started to get similar errors as the OP reported earlier. Upon
close examination I noticed that the DVD has scratches (circular) at the
problem spot (time) in the video. So, to the OP: can you please check
the problem DVD and see if there any scratches on it?



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