change from edubuntu to ubuntu 8.04

NoOp glgxg at
Mon Jan 5 18:45:59 UTC 2009

On 01/04/2009 01:09 PM, Jeroen T. Bezemer wrote:
> norman wrote:
>> My granddaughter has Edubuntu and Windows XP set up on a single hard
>> drive and has asked me if I could change the Edubuntu to Ubuntu 8.04 and
>> still retain the Windows XP. I have looked for some instruction but I am
>> still rather confused as to the best procedure. What would be the
>> simplest and quickest method to use, please.
>> Norman 
> Startup synaptics-package-manager and install the package 
> ubuntu-desktop. that ought to do everything you want, keeping every 
> setting you have.
> That is, you need to have room enough on your edubuntu partition.

And don't forget to select the Gnome session at the login. Sample for
KDE but applies for Gnome as well:

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