OT: top-posting hatred [Was: Re: Update Manager in 9.04]

Kyle Smith kyle.smith at inforonics.com
Wed Apr 29 17:18:16 UTC 2009

Vincent Trouilliez wrote:
>> P.S.  I do normally bottom-post, just to be polite to the norm of the 
>> list, but I wanted my comments to stand out.
> They would stand out if *you*/people/me/everybody edited out all the
> irrelevant text, to leave only a few lines of the original post, above
> your reply. Like I did here: I bottom posted to make it
> natural-flowing, yet visually my comments do stand out, don't they ?
And I think you've brought up part of the problem I am talking about.  
You're on a *general*, *basic* Ubuntu Users mailing list expecting 
everyone to have a firm grasp of how to use their computer.  There is a 
good chance they're on an unfamiliar email client on an unfamiliar 
operating system trying to get some  basic support and all they receive 
is a complaint about where they place their responses.  Perhaps having 
worked in technical support for years I've grown astute to reading text 
in all locations of an email with poor descriptive attributes and still 
being able to provide some level of help.

- Kyle
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