OT: top-posting hatred [Was: Re: Update Manager in 9.04]

Vincent Trouilliez vincent.trouilliez at modulonet.fr
Wed Apr 29 16:45:47 UTC 2009

> Just because our email clients are 
> configured to post on the top by default doesn't mean we're stupid.

The default behaviour of the e-mail client is hardly an excuse IMO,
since people are supposed to edit the posts they are replying to
anyway, to leave only the strict minimum that's useful to make sense of
the reply. What if clients decide to put the text in the middle of the
post ? "Oh, not my fault, my client did it this way, and I am disabled
so I can't move the mouse the cursor to the appropriate place,
sorry !". ;-)

If people are so lazy that they can type a reply but somehow can't even
edit out or move a cursor, one could question their basic skills and
therefore wonder if there reply is useful/ of real value to start with ?

>P.S.  I do normally bottom-post, just to be polite to the norm of the 
> list, but I wanted my comments to stand out.

They would stand out if *you*/people/me/everybody edited out all the
irrelevant text, to leave only a few lines of the original post, above
your reply. Like I did here: I bottom posted to make it
natural-flowing, yet visually my comments do stand out, don't they ?

I will get me coat...

Vince, lazyness can be understood, but not possibly excused...

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