Unhelpful Crap from Amedee

Res res at ausics.net
Fri Apr 24 00:19:44 UTC 2009

On Thu, 23 Apr 2009, Michael Haney wrote:

>> but don't worry, many people see this lists' regular members as a bunch of
>> hypocrites anyway, and have done for some time.
> That pretty much describes just every person who has ever participated
> in politics.

Indeed :)

> I have a big problem with the small minority of Elitists who belief
> this group is theirs to dictate.  Its not, they don't make the rules

It's been my pet hate for a time period that goes back to the very 
very early fidonet days, but back then, real mods were the only ones who 
moderated, it was more friendly and fun (and no I was never a moderator on 
fidonet), but the professional yet fair way they did things way way way 
back then, hrmm... early 80's IIRC, may have moulded me into the 'defender 
of the lil guy' against the bullies, that I am today.

If moderators did their job, and enforced the rules to the letter, and 
warned/suspended/removed the wannabe net cops, it would be a much more 
friendlier place, every list will be, usenet however, well, we all know 
that can't be controlled, most ISP's have not honoured cancels since the 
early-mid nineties when a couple of mods had a dummy spit and started 
cancelling everyones posts for no reason.

> with Ubuntu we must embody those philosophies.  Anything else is a
> serious disservice to the Ubuntu user community and a major turn-off

Its a turn off to any community.

> Considering all that I know a great deal about Microsoft's unethical
> business practices and tactics I'd almost suspect that some of the
> Elitists in here are paid by them.  Its not a far fetched notion

well some may be MSCE's... but I wouldn't go that far :)

> anti-Linux & anti-Apple trolls on Digg.com, paying off delegates in

Just goes to show M$ do see Linux as a real threat, we should in fact be 
honoured by the FUD that M$ try to spread.


-Beware of programmers who carry screwdrivers

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