[OT] about trolls and wannabe net cops

Amedee Van Gasse (Ubuntu) amedee-ubuntu at amedee.be
Fri Apr 24 09:14:12 UTC 2009

On Fri, April 24, 2009 02:19, Res wrote:
> On Thu, 23 Apr 2009, Michael Haney wrote:
>>> but don't worry, many people see this lists' regular members as a
>>> bunch of hypocrites anyway, and have done for some time.
>> That pretty much describes just every person who has ever participated
>> in politics.
> Indeed :)

I have participated in local politics. I was on the list for the province
council in '99. I didn't get elected but I was runner-up for 6 years (in
case someone would drop dead before the next election) and I attended most
party meetings during that time. A lot less now, but there are a few
people in my party that I can contact whenever there is some current issue
in my field of expertise.
I always have been and always will be a back-bencher. I'm not interested
in active politics. I don't have an opinion on everything, something that
people seem to expect from politicians. I get more satisfaction from
preparing complex dossiers. I leave the dumbing-down to marketing people.

So yeah, guilty as charged.
There are a lot of politicians out there who only think about themselves,
but a lot more that think about the common good.

>> I have a big problem with the small minority of Elitists who belief
>> this group is theirs to dictate.  Its not, they don't make the rules

Total democracy is the dictatorship of the majority.

I have lost my belief in democracy as it is today. I honestly think that a
benevolent dictatorship of a technocracy with parliamentary control could
be a better system.

> It's been my pet hate for a time period that goes back to the very
> very early fidonet days, but back then, real mods were the only ones who
> moderated, it was more friendly and fun (and no I was never a moderator
> on fidonet), but the professional yet fair way they did things way way way
>  back then, hrmm... early 80's IIRC, may have moulded me into the
> 'defender of the lil guy' against the bullies, that I am today.
> If moderators did their job, and enforced the rules to the letter, and
> warned/suspended/removed the wannabe net cops, it would be a much more
> friendlier place, every list will be, usenet however, well, we all know
> that can't be controlled, most ISP's have not honoured cancels since the
> early-mid nineties when a couple of mods had a dummy spit and started
> cancelling everyones posts for no reason.

This list has no (active) moderators.
As soon as it became personal (with my name in the mail subject), a list
mod should have stepped in. Because none did, I have to take the right in
my own hands: do nothing and see my name get slandered with every reply,
or *kindly* ask to stop.

So here I go again: *Please* stop putting my name in the subject in
combination with the word crap.

>> with Ubuntu we must embody those philosophies.  Anything else is a
>> serious disservice to the Ubuntu user community and a major turn-off
> Its a turn off to any community.

Put yourself in my shoes for a second... :-(

>> Considering all that I know a great deal about Microsoft's unethical
>> business practices and tactics I'd almost suspect that some of the
>> Elitists in here are paid by them.  Its not a far fetched notion
> well some may be MSCE's... but I wouldn't go that far :)

FUD and contra-FUD.
I don't believe in Conspiracy Theories(tm).
Just apply Occam's Razor: some people are just passionate about the
products they use.

>> anti-Linux & anti-Apple trolls on Digg.com, paying off delegates in
> Just goes to show M$ do see Linux as a real threat, we should in fact be
> honoured by the FUD that M$ try to spread.

I don't know about Digg.com. Visited a couple of times, didn't look very


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