DVD-Writer issues Ubuntu Linux

Robert Parker rlp1938 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 9 05:14:49 UTC 2009

On Thu, Apr 9, 2009 at 4:35 AM, Mihai Tanasescu <mihai at duras.ro> wrote:
> Mihai Tanasescu wrote:
 And again..some other tests and the final ones..
> Apparently anything k3b, brasero, gnome baker related fails in writing
> any DVD be it DVD+R, or be it DVD+RW.
> On the other side the builtin Nautilus Writer works as good as Nero did
> in Windows.
> How can I get K3B and the others to work ?
> I suspect the problem is somewhat related to the underlying tools they
> are using...particularly growisofs, etc.

I am using 8.10 and have installed growisofs. I've been using it to
burn DVDs for years on various Debian systems without any problem.
Also over those years I used cdrecord compiled from source for CD
burning again without problem. OTOH those using K3b had been for ever
in trouble because that used the Debian fork of cdrecord called
'wodim'. Presently I am not burning CDs and DVDs day after day the way
I once did on Debian 3.0 and 3.1 but my experience so far indicates
1. wodim will burn CDs. The man page states that it will burn DVDs but
I have not tried it.
2. growisofs burns DVDs without problem but I had to install it.
3. I avoid using brasero for 2 reasons, firstly it builds the iso
image on my main drive whereon I have no room to do it. I have not
found any way to specify the iso build location. Secondly when I burnt
an iso to cd it simply installed the iso as a file on the cd. Yes that
was back in the days when I had enough room on my main drive to wrap
the iso in another iso.

I think that there is no way that growisofs is causing your problems
since it is not installed by default [1] though some of its libraries
are. If wodim is causing your problems and I suspect that it is, it
will take years to fix if the experience with cd burning is anything
to go on.

By your posts you are obviously keen to learn and capable of it. You
might want to consider learning to use wodim, genisoimage and
growisofs at CLI and so keep control of your burning in your own

[1] I am using a derivative of Ubuntu 8.10, eeebuntu 8.10 so maybe my
setup differs. Try 'man growisofs' to see.

Bob Parker

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