Multistation OS

Bart Silverstrim bsilver at
Mon Oct 27 14:23:44 UTC 2008

Karl Larsen wrote:

>     I wonder if the thin solution comes about due to savings on the 
> number of Windows packages. If you pay only for the one computer and 
> then let 10 children use it with thin devises that is a big savings in cost.
>     With Linux there is no such cost so thick solutions work fine since 
> the operating system is free. In large quantities a new computer can be 
> had for around $300.00. I think it is the best solution.

Cost is generally not a problem in US public schools unless there is 
*no*...and I mean *no* left. When cries come out for "Microsoft" 
... by which they mean Office, but don't understand the difference 
between Office and OpenOffice or even Microsoft as a company and 
Microsoft Office as a's usually mandated for use.

Even after that there's issues with interoperability (tried using a 
non-MS DNS server in a hybrid network of Windows and Linux, with Windows 
systems using Active Directory? Yikes...)

That's generally been my experiences when I encounter this idea of 
terminal use. You can win for awhile, but unless you get a lot of the 
head honcho support, the pushback is generally too much to deal with in 
addition to the problems with IT departments handle in public schools; 
understaffing, high workload, typical complaints of "what they're using 
in the real world", etc.

Best technical solutions aren't the best political solutions. Sometimes 
you just have to put Linux in where it primarily has the best luck in 
use with no pushback. The servers :-) Just the way things go.

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