Best FTP software for Ubuntu was: Web Commerce

Florian Diesch diesch at
Fri Oct 24 23:45:22 UTC 2008

Knapp <magick.crow at> wrote:

> 2. Do you have FTP software?
> If No, stop ... you need to obtain a decent FTP software package such
> as FileZilla (free), FlashFXP or another FTP software program to
> transfer files back and forth from your computer to your webserver.
> Note: webserver meaning, the computer on the internet where you have
> your domain hosted (See 1)
> """
> Any suggestions or warnings here?

On the command line lftp and ncftp are nice ones. For GUI most Gnome
and KDE file managers support ftp, If you like text-based GUIs
Midnight Commander is worth looking at.

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