Xorg.conf vs. Xorg.config With BFG Nvidia G71 [GeForce 7300GS] & Hardy 64 Bit

Dave Woyciesjes woyciesjes at sbcglobal.net
Mon Oct 20 13:07:52 UTC 2008

Leonard Chatagnier wrote:

> --- On Sat, 10/18/08, Dave Woyciesjes <woyciesjes at sbcglobal.net> wrote:
>     From: Dave Woyciesjes <woyciesjes at sbcglobal.net>
>     Leonard Chatagnier wrote:
>     > Have both xorg config files in /etc/X11/ with the xorg.config(set up 
>     > with nvidia-xconfig or -settings) and contains the
>     "nvidia-glx-new-envy" 
>     > driver that I want to use(newest available) but I can't determine by 
>     > googling if it
>      will even work with my graphic card.  Have had many 
>     > xorg.conf trial files set up with xfix, nvidia-settings, nvidia-xconfig, 
>     > whatever, but when I try to enable Compiz via kde4.1, 
>     > kmenu->System->Desktop Effects, it tells me to reboot so the driver
>     is 
>     > in effect to enable the desktop effects.  When I do that, whatever 
>     > xorg.conf I'm using, it goes into low resolution mode again. Then have
>     > to fix xorg.conf again, PITA, with the process being reproducable ad 
>     > infinitum. Virtually all the time I have to add a screen subsection 
>     > specifying my monitors(LG L226WTQ Flatron Wide lcd) native resolution to 
>     > get out of low res mode.  I'm fairly sure I must be doing something 
>     > wrong but don't know what and the more I google the more uncertain I
>     am 
>     > of what to do. Specifically:
>     > 1. Am I using the right driver for my graphics card(nvidia or 
>     >
>      nvidia-glx-new-envy)?
>     > 2. When I bought the card, the tech man indicated it is a low end card 
>     > but capable of running most games and graphics. Is it sufficient to run 
>     > Compiz?
>     > 3. What's the story on having two xorg configuration files?
>     > Which one prevails or is somehow both used by X? Why can I remove the 
>     > xorg.conf file, leaving only xorg.config, and X still works? This 
>     > indicates to me that the nvidia-glx-new-envy driver is in effect.  Is 
>     > that true?  Note: "nvidia" is driver in xorg.conf and 
>     > "nvidia-glx-new-envy" is driver in xorg.config.
>     > 4. How can I activate "Desktop Effects" or "Compiz"(I
>     assume they are 
>     > the same thing) without going into low graphics mode after rebooting? Do 
>     > I need both xorg.conf and xorg.config?  Specifically, which nvidia 
>     > driver do I need for my card(most advanced)?
>     > Any guidance is most appreciated,
>     >
>     	Check my postings from 9/25 to the mail list. I threw a BFG nVidia 7600 
>     in one of my boxes, 32bit. I let Ubuntu install the restricted driver it 
>     wanted. I had already installed the nVidia control panel for the 
>     previous nVidia video card (I also added "gksudo" to the command line
>     for the nVidia Control Panel applet(?). This allowed the nVidia control 
>     panel to save it's settings to xorg.conf; either append or overwrite.).
>     	Next I found I needed compiz config settings manager. And that was it. 
>     Flipping the cube, drawing fire on the screen, etc.... :)
>     -- 
>     Hey Dave,
>     Just got around to reading the Sept, 2008 archives and your post referenced
>     above. It looks like you solved your own problem. I don't have nvidia control
>     panel on my kde4.1 kmenu unless you mean nvidia-settings or nvidia-xconfig
>     which I have both used. Sorry, I had
>      read your post before and didn't get 
>     anything new out of it. I'm wondering though,did you get a xorg.config file 
>     generated from what you did or just the usual xorg.conf
>     file. Are you using the "nvidia" driver or perhaps one of the "nvidia-glx-new-*"
>     drivers instead.  Thanks for your help.
>     Now if someone could/would address some/all of my posted questions I may learn
>     something needed regarding X configuration for my card.
>     Thanks for any more replies.
>     Leonard Chatagnier
>     lenc5570 at sbcglobal.net
    Okay. Here's the quick n dirty. I let the install use the default it 
wanted. Then I let the Hardware Drivers install whatever proprietary 
driver it thought was best. Then I used nvidia-settings to set it up. 
The setup did not seem to persist through reboots, so I ended up editing 
the menu item for nvidia-settings, added "gksudo" before the 
nvidia-settings command. Once I got it tweaked the way I liked, I hit 
the Save To X Configuration file, and chose to not merge. I assume it 
did a complete replace. To get the advanced effects, I then had to 
install compizconfig-settings-manager.

    That was all, no editing of xorg.conf from the terminal. I just 
looked, and I only have xorg.conf, no xorg.config.

    Now, currently I had to switch back to my nVidia Quadro NVS 400 ( 
the powersupply couldn't keep up with the BFG), which is using nvidia in 
the xorg.conf file (nvidia-glx).

    Let me know how you make out....

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