Xorg.conf vs. Xorg.config With BFG Nvidia G71 [GeForce 7300GS] & Hardy 64 Bit

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Leonard Chatagnier wrote:
> Have both xorg config files in /etc/X11/ with the xorg.config(set up 
> with nvidia-xconfig or -settings) and contains the
> driver that I want to use(newest available) but I can't determine by 
> googling if it will even work with my graphic card.  Have had many 
> xorg.conf trial files set up with xfix, nvidia-settings, nvidia-xconfig, 
> whatever, but when I try to enable Compiz via kde4.1, 
> kmenu->System->Desktop Effects, it tells me to reboot so the driver
> in effect to enable the desktop effects.  When I do that, whatever 
> xorg.conf I'm using, it goes into low resolution mode again. Then have

> to fix xorg.conf again, PITA, with the process being reproducable ad 
> infinitum. Virtually all the time I have to add a screen subsection 
> specifying my monitors(LG L226WTQ Flatron Wide lcd) native resolution to 
> get out of low res mode.  I'm fairly sure I must be doing something 
> wrong but don't know what and the more I google the more uncertain I
> of what to do. Specifically:
> 1. Am I using the right driver for my graphics card(nvidia or 
> nvidia-glx-new-envy)?
> 2. When I bought the card, the tech man indicated it is a low end card 
> but capable of running most games and graphics. Is it sufficient to run 
> Compiz?
> 3. What's the story on having two xorg configuration files?
> Which one prevails or is somehow both used by X? Why can I remove the 
> xorg.conf file, leaving only xorg.config, and X still works? This 
> indicates to me that the nvidia-glx-new-envy driver is in effect.  Is 
> that true?  Note: "nvidia" is driver in xorg.conf and 
> "nvidia-glx-new-envy" is driver in xorg.config.
> 4. How can I activate "Desktop Effects" or "Compiz"(I
assume they are 
> the same thing) without going into low graphics mode after rebooting? Do 
> I need both xorg.conf and xorg.config?  Specifically, which nvidia 
> driver do I need for my card(most advanced)?
> Any guidance is most appreciated,
> Leonard Chatagnier
> lenc5570 at sbcglobal.net

	Check my postings from 9/25 to the mail list. I threw a BFG nVidia 7600 
in one of my boxes, 32bit. I let Ubuntu install the restricted driver it 
wanted. I had already installed the nVidia control panel for the 
previous nVidia video card (I also added "gksudo" to the command line

for the nVidia Control Panel applet(?). This allowed the nVidia control 
panel to save it's settings to xorg.conf; either append or overwrite.).
	Next I found I needed compiz config settings manager. And that was it. 
Flipping the cube, drawing fire on the screen, etc.... :)

Hey Dave,

Just got around to reading the Sept, 2008 archives and your post referenced
above. It looks like you solved your own problem. I don't have nvidia control
panel on my kde4.1 kmenu unless you mean nvidia-settings or nvidia-xconfig
which I have both used. Sorry, I had read your post before and didn't get 
anything new out of it. I'm wondering though,did you get a xorg.config file 
generated from what you did or just the usual xorg.conf
file. Are you using the "nvidia" driver or perhaps one of the "nvidia-glx-new-*"
drivers instead.  Thanks for your help.
Now if someone could/would address some/all of my posted questions I may learn
something needed regarding X configuration for my card.
Thanks for any more replies.

Leonard Chatagnier

lenc5570 at sbcglobal.net

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