problems with the .iso

Rian rahmsoccer at
Thu Oct 16 00:57:37 UTC 2008

I am having a problem with the .iso image. I have used md5sum and everything
was good. My hash code was the exact same. I used Nero to make the bootable
image. Nero did its thing and I ran a scan to make sure that everything is
verified. The scan came back no problems.

Now the problem; I put the CD my drive. I have my bios to load the CDefore
the hdd. It goes to windows on my hdd. I did this twice then I looked on the
disk. It is still an .iso. I looked at the forms and the "burningisohowto"
page. I fallowed these processes to the letter, but I get the same thing. I
have3 cup holsters now. Can someone pleas tell me what I am doing wrong, if
I am?

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