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Albert Charron albert at
Thu Oct 16 01:28:00 UTC 2008

Rian wrote:
> I am having a problem with the .iso image. I have used md5sum and 
> everything was good. My hash code was the exact same. I used Nero to 
> make the bootable image. Nero did its thing and I ran a scan to make 
> sure that everything is verified. The scan came back no problems.
> Now the problem; I put the CD my drive. I have my bios to load the 
> CDefore the hdd. It goes to windows on my hdd. I did this twice then I 
> looked on the disk. It is still an .iso. I looked at the forms and the 
> “burningisohowto” page. I fallowed these processes to the letter, but 
> I get the same thing. I have3 cup holsters now. Can someone pleas tell 
> me what I am doing wrong, if I am?
My guess is that you created a data cd and added the iso in the file 
list. What you should do is ask Nero to burn an image... I guess you are 
trying to burn your image from Windows? Nero offers two products... Nero 
Express (which usually comes with burners) and Nero Burning Rom (which 
comes with the commercial product). From Nero Express, you have to find 
"disk image" or "burn image", then follow the wizard. From Nero Burning 
Rom, cancel the wizard when Nero opens, then from "recorder" menu, 
choose "Burn image" and follow the wizard...

Hope this helps!

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