dbus (1.1.20-1ubuntu3.2)

NoOp glgxg at sbcglobal.net
Wed Oct 15 16:36:25 UTC 2008

Following today's updates (Hardy):

Upgraded the following packages:
dbus (1.1.20-1ubuntu3) to 1.1.20-1ubuntu3.2
dbus-x11 (1.1.20-1ubuntu3) to 1.1.20-1ubuntu3.2
libdbus-1-3 (1.1.20-1ubuntu3) to 1.1.20-1ubuntu3.2
libdbus-1-dev (1.1.20-1ubuntu3) to 1.1.20-1ubuntu3.2
libexif12 (0.6.16-2.1) to 0.6.16-2.1ubuntu0.1
libexiv2-2 (0.16-3ubuntu1) to 0.16-3ubuntu1.1

I notice in the kern.log following the requisite reboot:

i91u: Reset SCSI Bus ...
BUG: soft lockup - CPU#0 stuck for 11s! [modprobe:1583]
Pid: 1583, comm: modprobe Not tainted (2.6.24-21-generic #1)
EIP: 0060:[<f896b0a2>] EFLAGS: 00000206 CPU: 0
EIP is at initio_reset_scsi+0x52/0x70 [initio]

The update:
dbus (1.1.20-1ubuntu3.2) hardy-proposed; urgency=low
  * Add debian/patches/04_helper_fd_leak.patch: Close file descriptors
before exec()ing helpers, to avoid locking hardware like video cards by
eternally open file fds. (LP: #230877)

No similar msgs in the log prior to the update.
So it looks as if the new "proposed" update doesn't play well with my
Initio scsi card.

I'll wander over to
and add a comment, but just wanted to give a heads up here first. For
those that install the dbus (1.1.20-1ubuntu3.2) security update, you
might want to check your kern.log after reboot.

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