Chris Jones jonesc at
Wed Oct 8 13:58:47 UTC 2008


> However, I think this would apply to most users, it's too much of a 
> resource hog to be useful.  In fact, in some cases it's virtually 
> unusable because of all the resources it wants to take.  Granted, that 
> might be just because it's new software and still buggy.  I certainly 
> think the devs will make it useful in time, just not now.

That is not really my experience. If you where talking about beagle I
would completely agree, but tracker seems much better in this regard.

One thing you must bear in mind is the first time you login on a new
account, or just after you have installed a system tracker has a lot of
new files to index, and at this point you might well notice tracker
talking a lot of CPU. In my experience once you let this run its course,
tracker hardly ever pops up again on the radar, and pretty silently
indexes the new files as they arrive or change.

Granted, if you suddenly dump a large number of files in your home area
(say music or video) it will take a little CPU indexing them, but really
it doesn't take that long. Also, it runs at a nice value of 19, so will
only use your CPU if you aren't using it for anything else, so you
shouldn't miss those cycle.

One last thing. If you have an nvidia graphics card and use the binary
driver with compix enabled, then you might notice tracker being afected
by a memory leak in the nvidia driver. This leak is nasty, as the leaked
memory gets assigned to whichever process was using the video driver, so
it looks like track/nautilus etc. is the problem when it isn't.


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