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Tue Oct 7 11:49:18 UTC 2008

norman wrote:

>> I would suggest you take it for a spin and see if you like it, or that 
>> it's useful to you.  You never know until you try.
> Tracker came with Ubuntu 8.04 so it is there on my machine. I think I
> might have used it once or twice in 5 months. So this brings me to the
> second part of my question, will it cause any problems if I remove it?
> Norman 

I wouldn't think so.  I've pulled KDE4's semantic desktop options from 
my system without any trouble.  I don't think you'd have trouble pulling 
it from yours.

Caveat: I've never tried it in Ubuntu (removing it) so I cannot 
guarantee that.  So, if you remove it and it breaks horribly, I have 
made my disclaimer.


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