Thin Clients

Rashkae ubuntu at
Tue Oct 7 22:05:21 UTC 2008

Wade Smart wrote:

> 20081007 1616 GMT-6
> Well, I cant answer that as this is what was "suggested" to me by the 
> school. However, in my conversation with them I took it as, each school 
> would host any apps they are using.

If that's the case, then you're golden

> I was just literally thrown into this so its all new to me.
> But from the responses I have seen and what I know about the school 
> setup already - I dont think a thin client setup is something I want to 
> tackle, nor do I think overall its implementable here.
> Just a few of the responses about CPU and ram considerations - Im not 
> sure the district has all that much going for it.

But this is exactly the situation where a thin client can shine...

Take any semi-modern dual core 64-bit cpu with 8GB ram, and you'll be
able to breath new life into 10 - 15 old workstations that would strain
with modern software.  Otherewise, you have to install 512MB in each
workstation and upgrade each cpu to Ghz to be as effective.*

* I pulled those numbers out of my rear based on unscientific anecdotal

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