Moving from Fedora to Ubuntu - am I doing the right thing?

Mr Shunz mrshunz at
Fri Oct 3 16:00:36 UTC 2008


my two cents...

i started using linux with slack 3.0 and definitively dropped windows
from slack 9.0...

(ok ok, i have a virtual machine on my work pc with xp
for some stupid website we must use and works only in ie with a java version
like 1.0.3 - never been able to make it work under wine)

back in the days i tried debian and redhat (IIRC was debian 2.0 and
redhat 5.1 or 5.2)
but didn't like them and stuck with slackware...

then about 2 yrs. ago some friends told me ubuntu really was worth trying
(i thought it was just a distro for newbies, a windows replacement,
blah blah blah)...

well, since Ubuntu 6.06 i use it at home, at work and on my notebook,
and i even started using debian for server installations.

After all linux is always linux, and if you have used slack for some time
you can surely get away with some "hacks" and CLI use without
"messing your installation".

For example, i've always ran on latest (non -rc) vanilla kernel,
at home i use kde4 (which isn't "officially" in ubuntu 8.04 ) installed
along with the standard kde3 installation, a couple of programs compiled and
installed directly from svn sources (they aren't in repos...), all without
any problem ...

btw, having a couple of server with centos and suse i must admit that
apt (compared
to yum) it's really the added value of debian based distros...


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