Moving from Fedora to Ubuntu - am I doing the right thing?

Chris G cl at
Thu Oct 2 15:37:44 UTC 2008

I've been running Fedora (7 and 8) for the past year or two, before
that I ran Slackware for several years.

I'm considering moving to Ubuntu and I'm wondering if my reasons are

It seems to me (and this is what I'm asking about) that Ubuntu, when
compared with Fedora, has:-

    A much bigger range of software available, I have found quite a
    few things available in the Ubuntu repositiaries which aren't in
    the Fedora ones.

    A better software management system (apt v. yum).

    In many cases more up-to-date sofotware.

I run a pretty standard sort of software mix, basically Gnome based
but with fvwm as my window manager.  However I have a few things where
I find I need to be 'on the bleeding edge'.  How easy is it to do this
under Ubuntu, i.e. when I want the very latest and greatest version of
(for example) Digikam can I get it easily and/or am I likely to mess
up my Ubuntu installation.  I suppose in a way the problems are the
same as with Fedora except that Ubuntu standard packages may be more
up to date than Fedora's.

Finally would I be better off with another distribution, say one of
the Debian distributions?  I am fairly 'techie' - I ran Slackware for
a long time - will I find Debian more flexible (as in allowing me to
get out of the way and or latest packages more easily)?

Chris Green

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