Moving from Fedora to Ubuntu - am I doing the right thing?

Ruben Safir ruben at
Thu Oct 2 15:48:34 UTC 2008

On Thu, Oct 02, 2008 at 04:37:44PM +0100, Chris G wrote:
> I've been running Fedora (7 and 8) for the past year or two, before
> that I ran Slackware for several years.
> I'm considering moving to Ubuntu and I'm wondering if my reasons are
> right. 

No - your making  a huge mistake.

And seriously, aren't you the only one who can make that judgement?

> It seems to me (and this is what I'm asking about) that Ubuntu, when
> compared with Fedora, has:-
>     A much bigger range of software available, I have found quite a
>     few things available in the Ubuntu repositiaries which aren't in
>     the Fedora ones.
>     A better software management system (apt v. yum).
>     In many cases more up-to-date sofotware.
> I run a pretty standard sort of software mix, basically Gnome based
> but with fvwm as my window manager.  However I have a few things where
> I find I need to be 'on the bleeding edge'.  How easy is it to do this
> under Ubuntu, i.e. when I want the very latest and greatest version of
> (for example) Digikam can I get it easily and/or am I likely to mess
> up my Ubuntu installation.  I suppose in a way the problems are the
> same as with Fedora except that Ubuntu standard packages may be more
> up to date than Fedora's.
> Finally would I be better off with another distribution, say one of
> the Debian distributions?  I am fairly 'techie' - I ran Slackware for
> a long time - will I find Debian more flexible (as in allowing me to
> get out of the way and or latest packages more easily)?
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