Intrepid 64Bit Fresh Install

Leonard Chatagnier lenc5570 at
Sun Nov 30 04:18:18 UTC 2008

Just finished an Intrepid 64 bit install in its own partition. Surprisingly, no X or networking issues from the first reboot through all the upgrades. Surprised me after having read all the issues reported on the list.  Maybe it's just my wonderful nvidia MB and hardware-:))
No question here, yet, but I did have some difficulty getting programs I wanted installed, ie., flashplugin-nonfree.  For some reason, aptitude show or search flashplugin-nonfree gave only a blank cursor until I started installing java-6-sun, mplayer, mozilla-mplayer and related software before it finally showed up with the apt show or search function. Even googled over it for intrepid with nothing useful showing up. It seems to me that some of this software should be installed automatically rather than have to struggle figuring out what to do. BTW, swf wouldn't run embedded videos for me as googling indicated it would. Only flashplayer will for me and I think Ubuntu should dump swfplayer as I find it useless, or else fix it so it will work, IMHO.
I've spent most of my time since the intrepid fresh install trying to get back to where I was in Hardy. Guess, I'll boot up Hardy and read the installed.txt thingy that I made when the duplicate a distribution thing came up. I suppose you don't have this problem on a pure upgrade but there ought to be an easier way for a fresh install. Thanks for letting me rant.
Still no question but this rant may be of some use to the complete noobie. I consider myself an experienced noobie now and don't expect to ever become an expert noobie-")) Thank you list.

Leonard Chatagnier
lenc5570 at

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