Erase cache, clean registry in Linux

Mark Kirkwood markir at
Fri Nov 28 07:46:22 UTC 2008

Manuel Gomez wrote:
> Hi, i would like to know a tool or software to erase the cache, clean
> the registry...
> Somebody could help me?
> Thank you very much, I appreciate your help.

Manuel - despite all the replies, I suspect none of us have understood 
what you are actually asking - and why you are asking it. So :

1/ What cache are you thinking of? why so you think it needs erasing
2/ What registry are you thinking of?

For 2/ if you are wondering if Linux suffers from configuration 
file/database bloat, then typically it does not. Generally Linux is 
pretty self managing compared to Windows (and does not come encumbered 
with OEM "shovelware" - LOL).



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