HELP !!! No more task-bare and menu bare

Sam Przyswa samp at
Thu Nov 27 18:15:29 UTC 2008

NoOp a écrit :
> On 11/26/2008 07:00 AM, Sam Przyswa wrote:
>> As I already said without the gnome-panel running Alt-F2 doesn't working
>> After login on my account I have to start gnome-panel from a console and 
>> the cmd "gnome-panel --display :0.0 &" then it appear on the deskstop 
>> but after I got some message on the console about 
>> "e-data-server-ui-Message" and Google Agenda because (buggy) Evolution 
>> setting with Google Agenda.
> Given that all works in root & the problem appeared after installing
> Google Agenda - I'd recommend that you open Synaptic
> (System|Administration|Synaptic), search for google and then remove
> completely those applications. While you are there, you might want to go
> ahead and reinstall evolution to see if that helps.

I had to uninstall Evolution and lot of pieces of software, then 
re-install gnome-panel and again lot of apps. But that's not fix my 
desktop problem, I had to create a new Gnome account, deleted ALL my 
/home/me/.xxx then copy all the /home/new_account/.xxx on my home dir to 
restore it as a new account. By default the theme was not the Ubuntu 
default but I think the Gnome default, the default login sound was 
changed too, but it's not a major problem :-)

In fact the problem come from Evolution and the Google Agenda plugin, I 
have no problem to synchronize it with Thunderbird/Lightning but 
Evolution crashed my desktop and I had to spend half a days and one 
night to fix it.

I noticed that is forbidden to say that Evolution is buggy or Ubuntu 
less stable than Debian on this list, as you see after that no more 
reply to my questions...

So sorry to become an Ubuntu/Gnome heretic in this church :-()

Thanks for your help.


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