external monitor defaults in 8.10

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Olá Ian e a todos.

On Saturday 22 November 2008 16:12:20 Ian Lynch wrote:
> Installed them but they don't seem to do anything. Can't see how the key
> toouch editor works. I get a list of events eg event5 PC Speaker, Select
> it click ok, get a fairly uninteligible Press key message so I press the
> speaker on/off switch, select another even and apparently nothing
> happens. Tried with Fn and a key like brightness up. Nothing.

One of the devices should have worked for you.
In my case its ACPI device. Select it, press ok, and then press one of the keyboard extra keys.

Provide an unique name for Manufacture and Model.

Start adding keys, and provide a clear name to the key. Select the newly created key, and see if there is a keycode for that key.
Avoid setting the program functions, that will be done latter, with the keytouchd.
When you are finish and press File->Save, you will have a chance to send it to the author.

Now open keytouch, if you are not asked to import the newly created keyboard, go to Keyboard->change and do it there.
In the KeySettings start attributing programs/actions to your keys.
After a reboot, to make the keytouch daemon load the new settings, the keys should work.

Some of this apps require gksu, so you are better launching them via the menus, and not via terminal or alt+F2.

> My main problem is a scree that is too dim, I could live wit the rest, but since
> the Power Managment brightness applet has no effect there is no way I
> can find to step up the brightness.

Humm it the applet doesnt work, either you have a more serious bug, or you are being affected by one of the bugs that make gnome-power-manager crash.

Wish you luck.

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