hard drive permissions

Douglas Pollard dougpol1 at verizon.net
Sat Nov 22 17:14:03 UTC 2008

Nils Kassube wrote:
> Douglas Pollard wrote:
>> Nils Kassube wrote:
>>> Douglas Pollard wrote:
>>>> Hi All,    I had to replace the second hard drive on a single boot
>>>> system. I have Ubuntu  8.04 on the first drive.  I partitioned the
>>>> second drive using the live Ubuntu cd.  The drive belongs to root
>>>> and I, as user, cannot add and remove files.  I kinda know how to
>>>> change permissions on a file, but have not figured out how to change
>>>> a drive. Everything I'm reading refers to changing permissions on a
>>>> file but I am working with a drive.  Can I get some help here.
>>> In this situation I usually suggest to make a directory on the disk
>>> for the user and then change the ownership of the directory for that
>>> user. You can do it like this:
>>> sudo mkdir /media/disk/$USER
>>> sudo chown -R $USER:$USER /media/disk/$USER
>>> You may need to change the path where the disk is mounted but you can
>>> leave the "$USER" part unchanged because the shell will replace it
>>> with your login name.
>> Ok, been away from this a few days,  working on video but I am fast
>> running out of disk space.  Put in as per your direction, Nils,  It
>> aparently went in alright as the new prompt came up.
>> sudo mkdir /media/disk/$USER   sudo chown -R $USER:$USER
>> /media/disk/$USER  Changed user to doug my user name.  The drive
>> permissions / in places 250GB media drive / properties and finally
>> pemissions.  Both owner and groups belong to root.
>> I guess what I am missing is the path where the disk is mounted I don't
>> understand can you help me with this. Doug
> Your partition should be mounted somewhere automatically. Usually that 
> would be /media/disk or /media/disk-1 etc. if it has an ext2 or ext3 file 
> system. You can check it with the command "df -h" in a terminal. Look for 
> the column "size" to find out the 250GB partition. At the end of that 
> line you can see the path where it is mounted. If it isn't "/media/disk", 
> replace the real path in the commands. E.g. if it is "/media/sdc7" the 
> commands would be
> sudo mkdir /media/sdc7/$USER
> sudo chown -R $USER:$USER /media/sdc7/$USER
> However if the path IS "/media/disk", I suppose you missed the point that 
> there is a directory on the partition now which is owned by you. The top 
> directory of the partition is still owned by root but the new directory 
> is owned by you.
> Nils
Nils, finally got it after a couple of false starts. 
I now have a directory doug which gives me permissions. I also have one 
that belongs to root can I erase that?  I have another that I don't know 
what it is, it's named lost+found and is empty.  Can I get rid of these 
two extra directories fairly easily? They are not hurting anything but 
they are clutter.
    I am getting frustrated and feel maybe I need to do something 
drastic. I have been using Ubuntu 8.o4 for about a year and have been 
busy reading off and on trying to learn how to use the terminal. I am 
just not getting it.  I fix or change something and then have to do it 
again for a few months and I forget what its all about.  I am think 
about trying turning of Gnome and trying to run ubuntu from the terminal 
in hopes that I may be forced to learn how and maybe use it enough not 
to forget everything I learn before needing it again.  Do you know a 
good tutorial or on line course that teaches running Ubuntu from the 
terminal?  I am afraid I am never going to learn it by this once in a 
while method as I am not getting a basic understanding of how it works.
                             Thanks for the instruction.

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