Grub error 17

Stephan Schöffel schoeffel at
Tue Nov 18 12:07:02 UTC 2008

Hi there,

after intstalling 8.10 on a hp P4 Notebook parallely to Win XP, grub 
quits loading with error 17. I tried to reinstall grub using the 
following instructions provided by Samuel Rhode on this list:

When you get to
the desktop open a terminal and enter. (I am going to give you the
commands and then I will explain them later)
sudo grub
This will get you a "grub>" prompt (i.e. the grub
shell). At grub>. enter these commands
find /boot/grub/stage1
This will return a location. If you have more than one, select the
installation that you want to provide the grub files.
Next, THIS
IS IMPORTANT, whatever was returned for the find command use it in
the next line (you are still at grub>. when you enter the next 3
root (hd?,?)
Again use the value from the find command i.e. if find returned
(hd0,1) then you would enter root (hd0,1)

Next enter the
command to install grub to the mbr
setup (hd0)
Finally exit the grub shell


I used the 8.10 Live CD. Yet, after following the above instractions, 
grub still hangs with error 17 after reboot.

Any hints?


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