Intrepid Sound Problems

Karl Larsen k5di at
Sat Nov 15 21:00:13 UTC 2008

Markus Schönhaber wrote:
> David Fox:
>> And I have it set up per the instructions on medibuntu. Turns out it's
>> not a package that is installable on 64 bit hardware which is what I
>> have.
> Of course w32codecs is installable on 64-bit hardware - provided you're
> running a 32-bit OS on this hardware.
>> My bad, I thought I had both installed because I have ia32-libs
>> installed for 32 bit compatibility.
> Installing ia32-libs won't change the fact that you're running a 64-bit
> system. But Ubuntu's stock 64-bit kernel is capable of running 32-bit
> applications - which, in turn, may need 32-bit shared libs. ia32-libs
> provides the most commonly needed ones.
> But the important point is: if you need the codecs on 64-bit Ubuntu,
> install the w64codecs package from medibuntu.
> Regards
>   mks
    Guys the web site has the w64codecs but they will work as well as 
the w32codecs worked on my 32 bit Intrepid, exactly nothing happened!



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