KDE 4 keyboard problems

Loïc Grenié loic.grenie at gmail.com
Fri Nov 7 13:19:30 UTC 2008

     I've dist-upgraded from 8.04 to 8.10. The upgrade process has not been
  very smooth and some packages got lost in the process (I've had to
  manually install some packages like kdebase-plasma and kdeplasma-addons
  and I've needed to manually modify the file listing of two packages to work
  around conflicts).

    I have three problems under KDE 4 that might or might not be related:

   1) I've added shortcuts for "Go to the desktop on the
[left|right|up|down]" and
  "Send window to the desktop on the [left|right|up|down]". Those shortcuts
  remain but are strangely enough not "activated" at login. I need to change
  them, apply and change them back at each login to have them active.

   2) The system settings for keyboard (repeat rate, keyclicks etc..., not
  shortcuts) are not present. I do not really need them but I find it strange.

   3) At login time, the keyboard mapping is the one of my locale (French)
  but not the one I'd like (US).

      Thank you for any suggestion,

              Loïc Grenié

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