Need help with raid layout

Rashkae ubuntu at
Tue Nov 4 02:23:18 UTC 2008

Christopher Lemire wrote:

> would I do that if grub can't boot a Linux kernel that's in raid 0? I've
> made a /boot partition and put it in Raid 1 before but people have told me
> that its bad to have to have raid 1 and raid 0 that way and my performance
> would be lost, so how can I keep both drives with the same partitioning
> layout with Raid 0?

People are stupid.  (or, more likely, they didn't understand what you
were trying to do).

You will have no performance penalty for making your /boot raid 1, but
you also gain absolutely no advantage, since the system won't boot if a
hard drive fails.  You might as well just use those 20MB (or however
many MB you make boot) on the second hard drive as an empty partition.
But if you really wanted to make all partitions on both hard drives the
same, then by all means, RAID 1 your /boot, Raid 0 /, create a couple
swap partitions (one on each hard drive, do not RAID these) and away you go.

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