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Tue Nov 11 09:39:31 UTC 2008

Swap should only be in raid if using redundancy because the system won't
crash if a drive with swap goes down (I've tested this myself). The kernel
does striping on its own if you give the swap partitions the same priority
in /etc/fstab (see on software raid), so no need for swap to be in
raid 0.

On Mon, Nov 3, 2008 at 4:51 PM, Dotan Cohen <dotancohen at> wrote:

> 2008/11/3 Christopher Lemire <christopher.lemire at>:
> > I've been using Raid 1 for a while now. It increases my read speeds a
> little
> > bit I guess, but I haven't had a hard drive fail where it ever did me any
> > good. I just yanked a hard drive that was running in the raid out of my
> > computer and watched Linux not crash and continue to run uninterrupted
> and
> > also did simulated failures and rebuilding with mdadm. What I really want
> is
> > performance. Raid 0 offers more performance than 5 and raid is not a
> backup
> > solution, so what I want to do is this. Many people complains about raid
> 0,
> > but I have an idea. I want cron jobs to run rsync for backups
> synchronizing
> > my home folder to a new 640 gb Seagate hdd I'm looking at buying. The
> > backups should be automated and done often, so, I can have @reboot in my
> > crontab and rsync run by cron at times I am not likely to be doing
> anything
> > or much with my computer. And if rsync only has to copy only new or
> modified
> > files, it shouldn't take long at all to perform a backup and maybe I can
> > have it run ever 3 hours or whenever the computer has been idle for 15
> > minutes. I don't know how to do that except I think
> > gnome-screensaver-command could check if the screensaver is active and if
> it
> > is, I'm not using my computer, and rsync could go to work backuping up my
> > files. The two drives I'm using for raid 1 right now that I want to
> > reinstall Ubuntu 8.10 with raid 0 with are both identical sata2 Seagates
> 320
> > gb drives. I want the partitioning scheme to be identical on both, but
> how
> > would I do that if grub can't boot a Linux kernel that's in raid 0? I've
> > made a /boot partition and put it in Raid 1 before but people have told
> me
> > that its bad to have to have raid 1 and raid 0 that way and my
> performance
> > would be lost, so how can I keep both drives with the same partitioning
> > layout with Raid 0?
> >
> I'd keep the boot partition on sda and leave the corrosponding
> partition on sdb empty. Or, you could have that partition on sdb as
> swap. I don't think that you need to RAID swap if your goal is data
> redundancy. Just RAID the data partitions.
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