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Avi Greenbury avismailinglistaccount at googlemail.com
Wed May 28 11:05:50 UTC 2008

Onno Benschop <onno at itmaze.com.au> wrote:
> webmin is evil and has been removed from both Debian and Ubuntu because
> it does not handle configuration files in the same way that we do.

This I remember from my last experience with it. But that was quite a
while ago. Has it not changed?

Mike <lake.wind77 at gmail.com> wrote:
> You might want to check out this post from 2 weeks ago at the 
> Ubuntu forum concerning webmin vs ebox:
> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=790323

That doesn't seem particularly praising of either, and doesn't address
file layouts.
I do like the apparent integration of tasks in ebox, though.

I'll also look into ISPConfig. The name rings a bell, I can't remember
if it's for good things or bad things, though.

> According to the Ubuntu forum discussion from only a few weeks 
> ago, most posters were leaning toward webmin. There's some 
> concern that ebox doesn't save your config files in 
> traditional places. Apparently ebox saves config files only in 
> the ebox directory. At least that's what was reported in the 
> Ubuntu forum.

Yeah, I saw that. 
So long as the format stays the same, I can probably cope with
symlinking from where I think they should be in order to keep myself
sane when I'm editing them.

Avi Greenbury

Avi Greenbury

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