Problems with network-admin and wireless after upgrade

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Tue May 27 14:30:38 UTC 2008

I was running 7.10 and did an online upgrade to the latest version (8.04?).

After doing the upgrade, the network admin tool no longer lists available wireless networks; I have to know the specific name of the SSID I want to connect to, and the SSID has to be entered case specific; i.e. if I'm in Panera Bread, I have to know that the SSID is spelled PANERA and not panera.

Also, for my network at home, the network admin tool no longer remembers my WAP key; every time I reboot the computer, I have to re-enter the WAP key, even if I haven't connected to any other networks in the meantime.

I didn't have problems with any of this when running 7.10.

The laptop is a Dell 650m, and the wireless card is an Intel 3945 mini-pci.

Any suggestions?


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