Thought it was time I introduced myself

Joseph ubuntu at
Tue May 20 13:55:30 UTC 2008

John Botscharow wrote:
> Greetings from north-central Arkansas in the USA. I switched to Ubuntu 
> a couple of months ago after too many years of various incarnations of 
> windows. This is actually my second time using a Linux-based machine. I 
> tried to set up a different distribution a couple of years ago, but had 
> a lot of problems configuring it to work with my machine - an old Sony 
> No real issues with setting up Ubuntu on my HP Pavillion slimline 
> though, which is a good thing because no one will ever mistake me for a 
> programmer of any sort. LOL My forte is writing and blogging - http://
> if anyone is interested.
> I love Ubuntu. I use Xubuntu with all the xfce4 extras because I like 
> the light desktop since my computer has limited resources - only 512K 
> RAM and a small processor - less than 2.0 Mhz; also because of vision 
> problems I need a dark theme with white fonts - including the 
> hyperlinks and xfce3-dusk is just what my opthamologist ordered. LOL I 
> use gdm with some GNOME apps like Balsa and epiphany browser. Also use 
> my old standby from my windows days - Firefox and OpenOffice. Both work 
> muxh better with Linux than they do with windows!
> Anyway, I've been lurking here for a month or so and ave no issues, but 
> just wanted to say hello.

Well hello, I'm Joseph Snurr from your neck of the woods.  I'm over in Cotter, Arkansas.  That's about as north central as 
one can get.

Welcome to the list, and like you, I will never be mistaken for a computer tech either....   While I've build several 
machines and have done things in windows, and I've even done a little programming in DOS, I am NOT knowledgeable with Ubuntu...

I'vbe used Ubuntu about two months now and I too love it.  It's better than the old Windows stuff....   And yes, I do still 
ahve a Windows machine alongside my Ubuntu machine only for the programs I'd bought and need for some of my work.

Good to have you.


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