Thought it was time I introduced myself

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Hi John, welcome to the list.

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> Greetings from north-central Arkansas in the USA. I switched to Ubuntu
> a couple of months ago after too many years of various incarnations of
> windows. This is actually my second time using a Linux-based machine. I
> tried to set up a different distribution a couple of years ago, but had
> a lot of problems configuring it to work with my machine - an old Sony
> No real issues with setting up Ubuntu on my HP Pavillion slimline
> though, which is a good thing because no one will ever mistake me for a
> programmer of any sort. LOL My forte is writing and blogging - http://
> if anyone is interested.
> I love Ubuntu. I use Xubuntu with all the xfce4 extras because I like
> the light desktop since my computer has limited resources - only 512K
> RAM and a small processor - less than 2.0 Mhz; also because of vision
> problems I need a dark theme with white fonts - including the
> hyperlinks and xfce3-dusk is just what my opthamologist ordered. LOL I
> use gdm with some GNOME apps like Balsa and epiphany browser. Also use
> my old standby from my windows days - Firefox and OpenOffice. Both work
> muxh better with Linux than they do with windows!
> Anyway, I've been lurking here for a month or so and ave no issues, but
> just wanted to say hello.
> Peace!
> John Botscharow
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