New to the List

Chris Hallsworth christopherhallsworth71 at
Mon May 19 20:17:15 UTC 2008

Hi all, I've just joined this list as I'm currently trying out Ubuntu on my 
Windows Vista laptop. So far I like it. I can get on the internet, use 
Pigeon Instant Messenger, use Firefox Web Browser, and so on. Now, as I'm 
blind, I use the provided Orca as my assistive technologies, and, although 
it has its querks, it seems pretty stable. Note I installed Ubuntu via Wubi, 
as I haven't yet created a live CD. I look forward to learning all about 
this free, open-source, GUI-based operating system. Regards, Chris.

Why not join my Blind Hobbyist group? To join, send a blank message to 
blind-hobbyist-subscribe at Thanks, Chris 

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