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NoOp glgxg at
Tue May 20 00:00:06 UTC 2008

On 05/19/2008 01:17 PM, Chris Hallsworth wrote:
> Hi all, I've just joined this list as I'm currently trying out Ubuntu on my 
> Windows Vista laptop. So far I like it. I can get on the internet, use 
> Pigeon Instant Messenger, use Firefox Web Browser, and so on. Now, as I'm 
> blind, I use the provided Orca as my assistive technologies, and, although 
> it has its querks, it seems pretty stable. Note I installed Ubuntu via Wubi, 
> as I haven't yet created a live CD. I look forward to learning all about 
> this free, open-source, GUI-based operating system. Regards, Chris.

Welcome to the list! You might find these links useful:

For the list:

For Wubi (I'm not sure it many folks here have detailed experience with
Wubi, so these might be useful as a fallback):

For general help & information sources:
Not sure how easy it is for you to use the "Search" box in the upper
right hand corner of the page, so
here is a direct link to the HelpIndex:

Also, there are many Ubuntu Forums:

You might also find that subscribing to the list as a blind user that it
may be hard to search the archives and wade through many daily emails.
I'd recommend that you subscribe to the list using the gmane nntp server
instead. This way you: 1) don't get a bunch of emails each day, and 2)
you can easily search for archives based on subject, author, etc., using
your web browser. See:

If you need help in how to set up SeaMonkey, Thunderbird, Evolution, or
most other email clients with newsreaders to read and post to newsgroups
let us know.

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