Simple backup question made complicated

Rashkae ubuntu at
Wed May 14 14:19:19 UTC 2008

Bart Silverstrim wrote:
> Quick question, if any of you know of a good solution I'd appreciate it.
> I have a Linux workstation with 2 USB drives used for data storage.
> I have a headless Windows workstation with the C$ shared out.
> The windows system is being used for iTunes primarily.
> Is there a way to mount the Windows system on the Ubuntu (Hardy) 
> workstation and back up the filesystem to the USB drives as a backup 
> solution?  I was thinking of using a boot disc to periodically back it 
> up with partimage, but that would necessitate a monitor which the 
> Windows system doesn't have (primarily accessed using VNC).
> I'd mainly want to keep from losing the iTunes information (purchases!) 
> if the hard drive dies on it. If there's a way to image the partition 
> without doing the booting from a disc, I could copy it to the Ubuntu 
> system's mounted USB drives...
> Thanks,
> -Bart

Doing a periodic system backup is a good idea, because it will save you
time and aggravation.  It is, however, entirely overkill to do a regular
system backup for the purpose of protecting your data.

iTunes, unlike most DRM systems, is very forgiving of restoring files to
a new system, so long as you don't plan on doing it more than 5 times a
year.  (Note, of course, that the best data protection for your purposes
is to run your Itunes purchased music through a DRM stripper, I'll be
happy to provide one)

So long as you backup your Itunes folder, you can always restore it as
needed.  I generally use 7z to update a 7z archive of data on Windows
system, then grab a copy of that 7z file to save as my backup.

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