Simple backup question made complicated

Bart Silverstrim bsilver at
Wed May 14 14:39:26 UTC 2008

Rashkae wrote:

> iTunes, unlike most DRM systems, is very forgiving of restoring files to
> a new system, so long as you don't plan on doing it more than 5 times a
> year.  (Note, of course, that the best data protection for your purposes
> is to run your Itunes purchased music through a DRM stripper, I'll be
> happy to provide one)
> So long as you backup your Itunes folder, you can always restore it as
> needed.  I generally use 7z to update a 7z archive of data on Windows
> system, then grab a copy of that 7z file to save as my backup.

If it isn't run through a DRM stripper and the folders are restored, it 
will still work, but iTunes will verify the restored version up to 5 
times a that how it works? (I'm assuming it comes up with the 
login to the iTunes store asking for your login to verify the information).

Do you happen to have a list of all the folders on Windows that iTunes 
is using to store the podcasts, music, and configuration for iTunes, so 
I don't overlook a folder?  Ideally for restore I'd like to be able to 
install a new hard disk, re-install Windows, re-install iTunes, and copy 
over the iTunes data and have it work...

Then again I'd also like to back up all the data on my iPod Touch in 
case I need to restore it, but I guess Windows doesn't have a compatible 
calendaring program available :-(


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