Hibernation woes

Ted Hilts thilts at mcsnet.ca
Wed May 7 23:07:26 UTC 2008

John Hubbard wrote:
> Derek Broughton wrote:
>> It certainly isn't likely.  _If_ you have a swap partition, and _if_ you
>> don't have anything in your grub config to send it looking for the wrong
>> partition, there could be a bug, but I'm betting on one of those two
>> problems - and that's user initiated error.
> On my laptop susupend/hibernate work out of the box. But on my 
> desktop/server they don't work out of the box. Not working out of the 
> box is, for many people, the same as not working at all. It would be 
> nice if it always worked out of the box. If not it would be nice if 
> there were more how-to articles about setting up hibernate/suspend. 
> Hibernate/suspend don't ALWAYS work and it isn't the users fault that 
> they don't know enough to get it working.
> Power management is the top 'idea' on the ubuntu brainstorm site. There 
> are still problems with power functions on Ubuntu, but people are 
> working on it.
> btw swapon -s shows:
> Filename Type Size Used Priority
> /dev/sda3 partition 40000176 0 -1
> I have swap (I have a lot of it) and hibernate suspend don't work. Any 
> idea?
Here is my swap:

ted at Ubuntu:~$ swapon -s
Filename Type Size Used Priority
/dev/sda4 partition 854272 405932 -1
ted at Ubuntu:~$

Getting close to 1 GByte -- that ought to be enough when nothing is 
happenning -- that is I emptied the 4 desktops and all that was left 
were the icons put in place during installation.

One big point everyone is missing is that it worked and now it doesn't. 
On power up it worked but complained it did not work but it did. Now it 
complains but does not work and if memory serves me right it has this 
additional message that it cannot find swap. I'm an old man so maybe I 
just did not see the message regarding swap until I looked harder at the 
listing. But I'm pretty sure the message is new or different as explained.

Hibernate is important for me -- probably more so than most users. On 
every Linux computer I have used the outstanding feature was STABILITY. 
This means (unlike the XP, 98, and 95 machines I have in my LAN) I can 
count on the Linux machines to sit there day after day and week after 
week and month after month and year after year but nearly every XP and 
95 machine on my LAN succumbs to t some kind of memory erosion and 
eventually between the second or seventh day start developing various 
application failures that all clean up with a reboot. So the boon for me 
is to have a Linux machine (like Ubuntu) that has this hibernate 
function so it effectively shuts down and when powered up continues from 
where it left off. This is really important to me because I have a 
multiplicity of things going on and I don't want to spend half an hour 
putting them back together on at least 4 windows each having several 
applications where the progress and/or status of many is important. With 
hibernate working properly I can shutdown the machine and give it a 
break. I have to be able to do this anyway because of power grid 
shutdowns that often outlast my battery backups and other reasons.

So guys, I am very distressed with Ubuntu on this issue. The problem may 
very well be rooted in one of my suggestions. But quite frankly I cannot 
know everything about MS OS and all the various Linux distributions. I 
put my LAN together machine by machine and OS by OS (some 15 machines) 
within a limited income and so I had to make everything (Linux and MS) 
in the LAN both capable and interactive and all with the same essential 
capabilities and I cannot afford to abandon a unit unless it is 
pre-Pentium. I was counting on this Ubuntu machine to be the heart of my 
LAN administration. This means I've got to get the hibernate function to 
work or I have to go to a different distribution. Calling a person crazy 
is defamatory but calling a machine crazy emphasizes the frustration 

So far, no one has yet come up with a solution to this problem I have 
encountered. But lots of people share the same kind of problem in 
various ways but with the same hibernate function. Hope there is someone 
out there with the necessary experience level to solve this problem. 
Until there is someone I continue to call the hibernate function "crazy" 
-- it makes me feel a little better.

Thanks -- Ted

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