Hibernation woes

John Hubbard ender8282 at yahoo.com
Wed May 7 21:14:10 UTC 2008

Derek Broughton wrote:
> It certainly isn't likely.  _If_ you have a swap partition, and _if_ you
> don't have anything in your grub config to send it looking for the wrong
> partition, there could be a bug, but I'm betting on one of those two
> problems - and that's user initiated error.

On my laptop susupend/hibernate work out of the box. But on my 
desktop/server they don't work out of the box. Not working out of the 
box is, for many people, the same as not working at all. It would be 
nice if it always worked out of the box. If not it would be nice if 
there were more how-to articles about setting up hibernate/suspend. 
Hibernate/suspend don't ALWAYS work and it isn't the users fault that 
they don't know enough to get it working.
Power management is the top 'idea' on the ubuntu brainstorm site. There 
are still problems with power functions on Ubuntu, but people are 
working on it.

btw swapon -s shows:
Filename Type Size Used Priority
/dev/sda3 partition 40000176 0 -1

I have swap (I have a lot of it) and hibernate suspend don't work. Any 


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