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De: Nils Kassube
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>> De: Nils Kassube
> >Sure, use your favourite package manager, e.g. synaptic. Search for
> linux-image and select the kernel version you want to install.
> I tried it some time ago and I recieved the message: "kernel panic".
> What can one do (when you are a newbie) when this happens ?. How to
> roll-back ?.

>I think there should be some more information about the reason for the
kernel panic, but if it was some time ago you probably don't remember.
Without that additional information it is near impossible to find a
working solution. Anyway, you can roll back by selecting the previous
kernel at the boot menu and then uninstall the not working kernel.

Thank you a lot for the information and help. I have added it to 

I  have some doubts (perhaps I am going to personally experience, but better if I am ready then):  how to uninstall the new (not-working) kernel after booting ?. I don´t know if I can use synaptic for this or directly delete a partition /files ? (which). 

If the new kernel works OK (after testing it: screen, GUI, sound, Internet and networking - PPP and WiFi-) , I would uninstall the old one (to save space in the hard disk). I image the uninstallation of the old kernel is similar to the uninstallation of the new kernel.

I can add the answers to these questions to the cited help page.

Finally, an idea: ubuntu-installer could control this upgrade / roll-back process, as an additional help tool for the final user, to make it easier (in a similar way to the use of update-manager to upgrade the kernel).


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