ATI graphics support?

Vitorio Okio ovitorio at
Sun Jun 22 22:02:35 UTC 2008

"Vincent Trouilliez" <vincent.trouilliez at> wrote in 
news:20080622233226.f69920c3.vincent.trouilliez at
>> What about stability? My first goal would be to have a stable 
>> enough
>> system with those drivers. I dont currently care about the "desktop
>> effects".
> If you don't need 3D acceleration, then just use an old ATI card
> with the existing (old) free driver (called 'ati' or 'radeon'), 
> which
> Ubunru will use automatically.
> I used to have an old ATI Radeon 9200 or 9250
> (can't remember which) card, and the free (2D only) driver worked
> beautifully. Not a single bug or glitch or artefact or anything, it 
> was
> really perfect, "just works". It also made monitor detection (using
> DDC) actually work. Since I switched to Nvidia (whatever card or
> driver), monitor detection always failed so I keep having to hack
> xorg.conf manually.
> That's also partly why I am impatient to see this new free ATI 
> driver
> finished, so that I can buy a card/driver combo where DDC works, and 
> if
> doesn't work initially, at least it's free so I can file a bug and 
> it
> can be fixed.

The Opne Source ATI driver does have 3D support.  It has it for 
selected card model lines.  But the number is quite large. 

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