Lets face Ubuntu 8.04

debian debiani386 at gmail.com
Sat Jun 21 19:27:17 UTC 2008

> *  There are only 7 flavors of Vista and 2 of XP.  The 7 version confuse 
> people because they don't know which one to get and some versions 
> designed for home use are missing features which they have to get the 
> immensely expensive Ultimate Edition in order to get.

ive seen this problem with people who are completely new to linux. I
know there are more then 7 flavors of linux, but ive had a lot of
complete linux noobs come up and ask me which linux distro i right for
them. I usually recommend ubuntu/mandriva so they can get a good taste
of what a fully functional linux is like. Then once they start getting
really good with linux (like they know how to navigate the console for
example), i usually try and get them into something like debian or
something a bit more advanced then mandriva ( mostly because ive seen
more companies using redhat/fedora/ubuntu/debian then mandriva..atleast
here in the United states..idk about overseas)

However, if i remember right, microsoft had a little thing (and probably
still does) on their website that would help guide you into what flavor
of vista was right for them.

Really, the only difference ive noticed between the basic and the
"ultimate" are the fact that basic doesnt have a media player and other
media extensions (which seems stupid btw, but i guess it lures people
into spending 500 USD just to get the stupid media player), "ultimate"
has media player plus media center plus the media extensions that were
missing in Basic. Thats basically the only thing thats different. (im
sorry you had to hear that, but i had to work with vista machines a
while ago. thank goodness i dont work on them anymore :D:D )


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