Media Players

Richard rick0009 at
Wed Jun 18 21:52:32 UTC 2008

Michael "TheZorch" Haney wrote:
> Richard wrote:
>> Well, it been along weekend, and I must say my Ubuntu setup, got
>> beaten by a Windows Vista setup.
> When discussing this with my user group I point out again and again 
> that the lack of support for popular multimedia options on Ubuntu is 
> what is holding it back from really taking off more than it has.  Only 
> a certain demographic of users is getting into Ubuntu Linux but the 
> real target audience is your Average Joe user who is "computer 
> stupid".  They will not want to jump through the necessary hoops to 
> get commercial DVD and MP3 playback working on Ubuntu when in their 
> mind it should already be working out of the box the way it does on 
> Windows.  This needs to be forcefully addressed with all the might 
> that the community and Mr. Shuttleworthl can muster.

I would agree, that Mr Shuttleworth needs to step the Multimedia & 
Office Related Apps, for JQ Public.
to make it drag and drop, and 123, plus with the expandability for the 
power users... it this day and age,
with the digital age, we need get linux upto the current trends, to get 
the masses of people from Windows.

>> Let me explain, when playing  downloaded video from the net or DVD
>> the video quality and sound quality just knock me over..
>> "I did try NOT to show any emotional content"
>> Jerry, was not using Windows Media Player, ( he said it su_ks)
>> he was using this player call KMplayer for windows (freeware)
>> Link:
> I absolutely LOVE KMPlayer on Windows.  I use it exclusively for 
> watching downloaded videos and its a pretty descent DVD player also.  
> I tried getting it to run under WINE but its got problems.
Man, I was shock and awe when his machine just walk all over mine, when 
it came to play any type of video. (.)
this was no comparison NIGHT and DAY.

Oh, to play DVD with KMPlayer, get your self the codecs "ratDVD" this 
would take care of any
encrypted dvd to play it

>> I spent all day Monday and Today,
>> trying to get close to what I saw using that player
>> so far Totem nor xine, nor mplayer nor vlc can do it.
>> The funny thing is that we both have the same systems,
>> expect he got the 30" monitor while I got the 24" HD monitor.
>> I did see he play some anime, saved in .mkv format and mp4,
>> saw some .ogm formats too. saw some 1080p trailers played yikes!
>> This apps, has more adjustments then all three mention above.
>> Boy, this would be a very nice App for Linux (whish list)
> I used VLC before switching to KMPlayer under Windows.  Its developed 
> in S. Korea, they have an English language  forum for the application 
> so perhaps you should go there and make a request for a Linux port.  
> KMPlayer can output to OpenGL so it should be perfect for running 
> under Compiz Fusion with GLX installed.
Boy that would be a great asset to the Linux Community, if they could 
port that to Linux
Hey Mark, throw some money to the developer. We have some video players, 
but there not even close,
to the scale what on Windows (vista) we Gstreamer and Xine, and VLC.. 
its to bad they don't all join forces,
and come out with a KMPlayer (killer) / iTune (killer)...etc..etc ( you 
know what I mean). lets hope someone is listening

>> Thought I would throw this out to see, if ANY video guru's out there
>> can help linux save some face.
> That is admirable.  Does anyone here have one of those Dell systems 
> with Ubuntu?  How good is the media player and DVD software they 
> install on those rigs?
I just thought the group should know, where we stand on the media player 

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