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Karl Larsen k5di at
Wed Jun 18 20:10:15 UTC 2008

Michael Haney wrote:
> On Wed, Jun 18, 2008 at 7:45 AM, Karl Larsen <k5di at> wrote:
>>    Unless they get the necessary library offshore I think Dell would be
>> worried about the movie lawyers visiting. I really think they supply
>> Totem and it is broken just like it was on Hardy. Yesterday I went to
>> the offshore site and got the library and it works just fine. Why does
>> Ubuntu use Totem? VLC works so much better!
> VLC is better than Totem for playing a wide variety of video formats
> and DVD with menus.  The library for decrypting the copy-protection of
> commercial DVD movies is what needs to be downloaded from offshore.
> There should be a small app under the Administration menu for
> installing commercial DVD playback and MP3 playback easily with the
> click of a button.  A popup window could come up saying that it might
> not be legal in all countries and that Conical isn't responsible ..
> blah blah blah ... so that people can "easily" enable features on
> Ubuntu which should already be installed.  This problem is one of the
> key reasons why intellectual property laws in the United States need
> to change.  The DMCA is unconstitutional, gives corporations too much
> power over consumers, and is widely abuse to suppress legitimate
> competition.  It is a law that should never have been passed.
    Thank you. I could not say it as well as you. The thing that makes 
me mad, is that I paid money for my DVD player. I use it for showing DVD 
movies. I can copy the movie but I do not do that because that is 
illegal. Why is it illegal for me to show a movie on a DVD I bought, in 
a DVD player I bought?



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