Hardy confusion and problems

Karl Larsen k5di at zianet.com
Fri Jun 13 21:48:57 UTC 2008

Karl Larsen wrote:
>     I am confused how a LiveCD of Hardy which I used a manual selection 
> to find what I thought was /dev/hda7 which is not where it went. The 
> menu.lst has the root at hd(0,6) in grub talk but I find the Hardy at 
> /dev/sda5 which is mystery #1. When I boot up in Harty lots does not 
> work properly. If I have one Terminal open it will not let me open 
> another. I click on System Login Window it tries to come up but fails.
>     Now I think /dev/sda5 was where I put the last try for loading Hardy 
> on the SATA hard drive. I was trying to load it on /dev/hda7 which ok I 
> thought but it didn't work.
>     Now I am getting the nVidia full screen freezup on Hardy and I 
> seldom get those on 7-10 now since I fixed the fan in the computer.
>     So I think something bad happened. The LiveCD must have said one 
> thing and done another. To correct this problem I am going to delete 
> Harty on /dev/sda5 and try again to load Hardy on my IDE hard drive.
>     If I keep what I have I think it will fail in the end.
> Karl
> 	Well here is what happened. I had a picture perfect installation of Hardy. It did everything but put the grub in correctly. It is in /dev/sda5 which is the IDE hard drive but when I rebooted grub came up with Error 15. I of course could not boot anything. So back up in LiveCD and I used grub to come back to good old 7-10. It works.
After a few hours I may try to put the dam Hardy boot on this grub and 
see it I can make it work. I can do these things my self. No idea why 
the Installer screwed up.



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