Booting Linux Help! Help!

Alan Milnes deep64blue at
Fri Jun 13 18:43:32 UTC 2008

Email Message wrote:
> I have burned Ubuntu onto a CD which I loaded onto a blank reformatted 
> HDD but now when I try to boot from the HDD and while still in the 
> "black Screen" mode it comes up with the message that the NDLR is 
> missing. What is this and why will it not boot? What can I do?
It sounds like you haven't installed Ubuntu yet - you need to boot from 
the CD and then follow the installation process.  If you don't know how 
to boot from CD we need the make / model of your machine to guide you.
> Another question: Every time I go into my emails I receive 50 or more 
> message from Ubuntu Users with other problems which are of no interest 
> to me. I then have to spend hours deleting these messages. Is there 
> any way around this so that I only receive replies to my queries?
Yes - use your email program to filter incoming messages.  How to do 
that again depends on the specific email program you use.

Good luck


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