Forget Hardy

Derek Broughton news at
Thu Jun 12 13:48:16 UTC 2008

Res wrote:

> On Wed, 11 Jun 2008, Derek Broughton wrote:
>>> Then, since this list is "Ubuntu user technical support", and you are
>>> saying the so called experts here are sick of helping people, then I
>>> guess Canonical can safely do away with this list, since if it's only
>>> going to be used to tell people to 'RTFM' or 'google it', it actually
>>> serves little or no purpose.
>> Then why are you here?
> I offer assistance often when I can, alot I miss due to this lists high
> noise ratio, but I prefere to work in private, and have posted only
> rarely in a helpful mannor on the list, I dont need to be a chest beater
> or prop up my post counts to help anyone.

It was a serious question, not a suggestion that you leave.  It would seem
that you _don't_ believe "Canonical can safely do away with this list", or
you wouldn't be reading and posting.

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