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Bart Silverstrim bsilver at
Thu Jun 12 01:31:22 UTC 2008

Ari Torhamo wrote:
> ke, 2008-06-11 kello 10:38 -0400, Bart Silverstrim kirjoitti:
>> Oliver Grawert wrote:
>>> hi,
>>> Am Mittwoch, den 11.06.2008, 09:54 -0400 schrieb Bart Silverstrim:
> [...]
>>>> You're talking about the spirit of Ubuntu. The spirit of Ubuntu doesn't 
>>>> include encouraging ignorance and reliance on others. It means sharing 
>>>> information and learning to make you a better person for the experience.
>>> but also to get this information across in a respectful human way ...
>> Dammit, there goes my brainworms idea. Respectful, but not quite human.
>> Would it be fair to say you just want people to be nice in answering 
>> questions unless provoked?  good summary, yeah? No?
>> Again...I really don't think the concerns you're voicing are really 
>> common on this list, but maybe I'm missing something. I'm not really 
>> here to pick a fight with you :-)
> You seem to be missing yourself. This is what you said yesterday:
> "Everyone gets a lashing here at some point. You keep trying to learn
> and grow a thicker skin and you'd be fine".

I remember saying does this contradict what I said in 
the quote before? I was asking you if it would be fair to sum up your 
position as you want people to be nice in answering questions unless the 
answerers are're quoting my statement that everyone on 
the list gets a lashing at some point and you just end up chalking it up 
as something that's going to happen. No?

The part beginning "again..." was a reference to the overall topic 
argument in the first place; I don't recall seeing this behavior as 
common, everyday occurrences. This is probably the part you were just 
referring to; respectfully, I submit this elaboration: everyone ends up 
feeling like they are (or really do get) attacked on this list at some 
point, but I don't think it's a common event. I don't post here, and I 
don't think most of the people on the list, post here expecting to be 
abused for it, and there are usually circumstances or some provocation 
when it does happen.

Is that fair?

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